A.I.D. - Album Information Database

AID is a project to create a database that holds Artist/Album name, and track name, track length, and track beats per minute (BPM) for each track on the album. AID is being written in PHP4 to interact with a MySQL database. You will be able to search the database for songs with the same BPM. You will also be able to add your own CDs. This project is similar to the CDDB, which doesn't have BPM. The new CDDBČ does have BPM, but it's still being implemented in CD players, and there aren't very many freeware CD players that support it yet. Besides, it's up to the developer if he/she actually wants to support the BPM data field.

This tool is very useful for DJs, who are making playlists, or just for anyone who wants to store their album info.

Thank you very much to sourceforge.net for supporting open source software and generously providing these services for the development of AID.

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